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New Cairo recent comments:

  • Samir & Ali Mosque, m6r23 (guest) wrote 14 years ago:
    الجامع ده كويس على ما اسمع والناس اللي فيه محترمين ومخلصين.. ممكن قول انه احسن مسجد في التجمع التالت
  • MSE 2000, aly atef (guest) wrote 14 years ago:
    its a wonderful school. my name is aly atef. i am a student in american high school & i love this school so much.
  • First Neighbourhood, tarek zidan (guest) wrote 14 years ago:
    here my home i love katameia
  • hostel for CIC & nursery, rehamyasen wrote 14 years ago:
    hostel for CIC and nursery
  • EMC, فتحي الهواري (guest) wrote 14 years ago:
    بدوام التقدم والرقي برعاية جميع العاملين
  • Jasmin 6, Shafeek (guest) wrote 14 years ago:
    Shafeek Home
  • Maged Khalaf , Maged Khalaf (guest) wrote 14 years ago:
    فيلا سامي حافظ القطعة 34 المنطقة هـ حي جنوب الاكاديمية
  • Hayah International Academy, john (guest) wrote 14 years ago:
    hello iam john iam playing in FCBescola and it will be in this school an i like this school it is the best
  • هشام-مشالى, ahmedhisham (guest) wrote 14 years ago:
  • منزل عائلة أبو ادم, شقة - احمد طعيمة (guest) wrote 14 years ago:
    شقة - احمد طعيمة
  • Futures language school , gaber (guest) wrote 14 years ago:
    Future School
  • MSE 2000, shereen (guest) wrote 14 years ago:
    It is a very good school. My son is one of its students.
  • Narjes 4, hhhh (guest) wrote 14 years ago:
    mohamed elsayed
  • BasseM BM Home, BasseM BM (guest) wrote 14 years ago:
    Tol 3omrak pOP
  • American University in Cairo (AUC), Parsley (guest) wrote 14 years ago:
    Add text from the Wikipedia page, some more information would be nice.
  • Eastown, imalondonerr (guest) wrote 14 years ago:
    its going to be for eastown
  • 23, ولد نجد (guest) wrote 15 years ago:
    مرحبا راندا انتى من السعوديه
  • Green Heights Language School, KOKI wrote 15 years ago:
    this is my schhol since i was is kg2 and i am know in 2 prep God bless it (kareem ahmed samer)
  • Narjes 7, ak (guest) wrote 15 years ago:
    Ak Home
  • Canadian International College (CIC), ahmedlp (guest) wrote 15 years ago:
    this is my f*****n college